North Africa

Moroccans called to choose their deputies and local elected representatives

Elections Maroc

In Morocco, legislative and local elections are currently being held. No big political rallies could be held because of the coronavirus pandemic. The moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party has led Morocco’s coalition governments over the past decade, but analysts say voters feel that parliament has little meaningful influence, BBC …

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Tunisia: president Kais Saied urged to appoint a new Prime Minister

President Saied

The G7 group of industrialized countries has urged the Tunisian President Kais Saied to urgently appoint a new head of the government. “Naming a prime minister would create space for dialogue about proposed constitutional reforms”, the group said in a statement. President Saied has dissolved the government and suspended parliament …

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Algeria announces it will cut gas deliveries to Morocco


Authorities in Algeria have announced that the country will not renew a gas-supply agreement with Morocco. It comes days after diplomatic relations become more fragile between the two north-african countries. The gas-supply contract with Morocco expires in October. In a meeting with the Spanish ambassador, Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab said …

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