Electrician electrocuted in Jachie-Prams

Electrician electrocuted in Jachie-Pramso

An electrician was discovered dead while working on a rural electrification project in Jachie-pramso in the Bosomtwe district of Ghana’s Ashanti region.

“The deceased was part of a team of five individuals employed by Wilkwak Engineering Limited for the rural electrification extension project,” the assembly member for the area, Richard Bimpe.

His absence was noted by his colleagues who initially thought he had returned home due to the difficult nature of the work.

“However, after being notified he had not arrived home,” reports said.

The Unit Committee Chairman together with the assembly man and his colleagues made a missing person’s announcement at the local information center.

A search was launched which led to the discovery of his dead body under one of the electric poles.

His lifeless body was found beneath an electric pole in the town, still clad in his protective overall suit and holding electrical cables.

There is suspicion he was electrocuted as the pole he was working on had broken, exposing the naked wire.

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