Nigeria: Couple holds church wedding with just 10 guests

Nigeria: Couple holds church wedding with just 10 guests

A Nigerian couple turned heads on social media with their church wedding which was attended by only their closest family and friends, with just 10 guests in total.

The couple had decided to have a small and intimate wedding, wanting to focus on the true meaning of their commitment to each other.

The simplicity of the ceremony made it all the more special, with the couple feeling grateful for the love and support of those who mattered most to them.

There were no extravagant decorations or elaborate wedding dresses, but the love and happiness that filled the room were undeniable.

The couple’s wedding has caused a stir on social media, with many praising the decision to have a limited number of guests to cut costs.

Julz tweeting with the handle #Just_Juliakent, wrote, “This is my kind of vibe. I pray I get a man that will agree to this kind of wedding.”

On, a user who uses the handle #julieteyong, wrote, “Great way to start a marriage. The less expenses, the better. May God bless the union.”

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