A driver found dead in toilet after going missing
closeup of the feet of a dead body covered with a sheet, with a blank tag tied on the big toe of his left foot, in monochrome, with a vignette added

A man found dead with a heartbreaking letter

A man has taken his own life, leaving behind a heartbreaking letter detailing his anguish over his girlfriend’s decision to marry another man in kasoa, Ghana.

The 29-year-old man expressed deep sorrow and regret over his failed relationship, detailing the love and care he had received from his beloved girlfriend.

Unable to bear the thought of seeing her marry another man, he made the heartbreaking decision to end his own life.

The letter read, “life is a journey, I started mine at a tender age. I have done a lot and I met a lady which I love very much. She takes care of me, guide me, protect me but I took her for granted. I did a lot to her but now she has broken up with me. She has done a lot but I can’t stay and hear say she is getting marry to another man. LIFE IS A JOURNEY AND I HAVE ENDED MINE. GIFTY THANK YOU”

“He had previously attempted to take his life by consuming poison and despite receiving medical attention and advice from doctors, he ultimately succumbed to his despair,” residents stated.

In response to the tragedy, Assembly Member for Kasoa Opeikum-Chrispo City Electoral Area, Adams Habibulah, urged Ghanaians to prioritize open communication and seek support for individuals grappling with emotional distress.

He reminded that suicide is not a option, as he urged persons with mental health issues to share their struggles and seek help, rather than resorting to drastic actions.

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