Heavy toll after clash between gangs in prison

Heavy toll after clash between gangs in prison

At least five inmates have died and five have been injured in a new clash between gangs in a prison in Ecuador, the penitentiary administration of this country, which is facing drug trafficking, said on Sunday.

“We regret to announce that, so far, five people deprived of their liberty have died and 11 have been injured following the violence at Guayas 1 prison,” the prison administration (SNAI) said in a press release.

The injured were transferred to the hospital, explained this service, specifying that they were out of danger. Sunday, in front of the prison where soldiers, police and ambulances were circulating, relatives of detainees were waiting for news.

“I am desperate here, I would like information but I don’t have any,” said a woman whose son is in prison and who asked not to be named.

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