Amnesty International denounces the “murderous frenzy” of certain countries

Amnesty International denounces the "murderous frenzy" of certain countries

Nearly 900 people were executed in 2022 in 20 countries, a record level since 2017, criticizes Amnesty International in its annual report on the death penalty, denouncing the “murderous frenzy” of certain countries. The human rights organization counted 883 people executed in 20 countries in 2022, an increase of 53% …

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US issues ‘damning accusation’ against South Africa

US issues 'damning accusation' against South Africa

The US ambassador to Pretoria has made a damning accusation against the South African government – and it seems to have caught South African officials off-guard. Ambassador Reuben Brigety says that the US has reliable intelligence that South Africa supplied arms and ammunition to a Russian ship which had docked, …

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