A driver found dead in toilet after going missing
closeup of the feet of a dead body covered with a sheet, with a blank tag tied on the big toe of his left foot, in monochrome, with a vignette added

Mason drank weed killer after divorce threat

A farmer shot his wife dead after a quarrel between the two in Adaklu Tevikpo in Ghana’s Volta region, according to reports.

“The deceased is popularly known as a professional mason”, according to reports.

“The deceased, for some time now appeared troubled after his wife demanded a divorce over constant quarrels”, reports stated.

There was a scream for help from his room and neighbours found him lying conscious while foaming.

A container believed to be a weedicide called quart and paint were found beside him.

He was rushed to the Abura Dunkwa Government Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

His body has been deposited at the mortuary.

The case was reported at the Abura Dunkwa Police station and an investigation is underway.

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