Man sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a minor

Man jailed seven years for double marriage

A former soldier has been jailed seven years for living a double life married to two women at the same time in Britain and Germany.

The man had five children with his two wives and lived with one family in Germany, where he was stationed with the Army, and visited the other in the UK.

The man’s double life was exposed when his daughter from one of his marriages messaged his second wife on Facebook asking what her connection to him was.

The women never knew about himself because he always explained his lengthy absences on being away with the Army and, after he left, training as a paramedic, or on mental health problems.

The man appeared in court in a pinstripe suit while sitting in a wheelchair as he admitted a charge of bigamy.

He faces up to seven years in jail when he is sentenced at Norwich Crown Court.

“The impact of his offence on his two unwitting families had been very significant,” according to Prosecutor Sally Harris.

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