Woman arrested for pouring hot water on her husband

Man jailed three years for stealing cooking items

A 25-year-old young man has been sentenced for stealing cooking items valued GH₵1,450.00 by an Accra Circuit Court in Ghana.

The complainant left for work and returned the following day and detected that her door was damaged, and the room ransacked.

Her blender valued GH₵400.00, microwave valued GH₵500.00, rice cooker valued GH₵280.00, gas cylinder also valued GH₵150.00 and a set of bowls valued GH₵120.00 were all stolen.

The suspect unlawfully broke into the house of a bar attendant and damaged a padlock and door lock valued GH₵200.00.

“The complainant raised an alarm and later had information that the convict was arrested in connection with another theft case that happened in the area,” reports said.

He was charged with unlawful entry, causing unlawful damage, and stealing, pleaded guilty to all the charges.

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