Egypt: hot air balloon flights suspended for this reason

Egypt: hot air balloon flights suspended for this reason

Egyptian authorities on Monday suspended hot air balloon flights over the pharaonic sites of Luxor, one of the country’s most touristic cities in the south, after an accident which left “only two minor injuries”.

“While a group of hot air balloons were in flight, one of them collided with another at 60 meters altitude with a wind blowing at nearly 13 km per hour”, explain the Authority of the civil Aviation.

One of the two hot air balloons was rushed to the ground, out of 28 passengers, two were slightly injured and transferred to hospital to be examined, the authority adds.

According to the authority, a team of investigators has been dispatched to the scene and no hot air balloon is authorized to take off before they report their conclusions.

Recall that in 2013, also in Luxor, 19 tourists died in the explosion of a hot air balloon, then in 2018, a tourist died in another balloon accident.

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