Brazil: former miss dies after undergoing surgery

Brazil: former miss dies after undergoing surgery

Former beauty queen in Brazil, Gleycy Correia died on Monday after a surgical operation which plunged her into a coma.

Miss Brazil 2018 Gleycy Correia, 27, died Monday at a private clinic in southeastern Brazil.

According to family sources, the girl had been in a coma for almost 2 months after undergoing surgery. Indeed complications would have arisen after this operation, in particular a massive hemorrhage and a heart attack.

“She went to Unimed and went into cardiac arrest on April 4 and since then she had been in a coma, with no neurological activity. Today she passed away,” said the family priest, Lidiane Alves Oliviera.

Since the announcement of this death, messages have come from everywhere to pay tribute to this beauty queen who died in the prime of life.

On social media, Pastor Jak Abreu, close to the family, also expressed his compassion. “God has chosen this day to recover our princess. We know she will be greatly missed, but now she will light up the sky with her smile.”

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