Ivory Coast: Henri Konan Bédié urges Alassane Ouattara to an inclusive dialogue

In a letter written to Alassane Ouattara, former ivorian president Henri Konan Bédié urged the president to open an inclusive political dialogue in the country. The letter was sent on Wednesday August 4, a few days before Independence Day, which takes place Saturday August 7, when Alassane Ouattara is due to deliver her traditional message to Ivorians this Friday evening.

Henri Konan Bedié asks Alassane Ouattara to take “leadership of the national reconciliation process”.

“For this, we need a “strong political act” according to the former president, the “general liberation of prisoners from social crises” that the country experienced from 2010 to 2020, “political, civil and military” he specifies.

This request joins that made by Laurent Gbagbo during his meeting with the head of state on July 27, during which he handed over a list of 110 names of prisoners to his successor.

In his 21-point letter, Henri Konan Bedié also proposes the continuation of the discussions between the three great leaders of the country, by involving in the framework of the dialogue “all the significant political actors” including the ex-Prime Minister in exile Guillaume Soro.

President Bédié also evokes a project of “repentance of the entire political class” and a system of “justice and reparation” for the victims.

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The “Daoukro sphinx” also calls for “improvement of the electoral division”, the audit of the voters list and the reform of the electoral commission.

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