Russian ambassador will leave Washington on Saturday

Russian ambassador will leave Washington on Saturday

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov will visit Moscow for consultations on the future of the Russian-American relationship, after Joe Biden claimed that Vladimir Putin was “a killer”.

“During meetings at the Russian Foreign Ministry and with other bodies, it will be a question of means of correcting the Russian-American relationship in crisis,” the Russian embassy in the United States wrote overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. on Facebook.

“Thoughtless statement”

According to it, “the thoughtless statements of American officials risk causing the collapse of already excessively conflicting relations”.

Russian diplomacy said it had “invited” its ambassador Anatoly Antonov to return to Moscow for talks after the US president replied in the affirmative on Wednesday to a journalist asking him if Putin was a killer. Then he said he wanted to make the Russian president “pay” for the interference in the American elections of 2016 and 2020.

The Kremlin did not immediately react to these comments. Such a recall of ambassador, even if it is formally qualified as an invitation by Moscow, is a rare thing in Russian diplomatic action.

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The president of the lower house of the Russian Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin reproached him Wednesday to the American president to have “insulted” all the Russians and “attacked” his country. A vice-president of the upper house, Konstantin Kossatchev, asked him “for explanations and apologies”.

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