museveni and magufuli

Yoweri Museveni pays homage to the “great pragmatic African son” John Magufuli

President Yoweri Museveni, a strong advocate of a unified East African states establishment has mourned the second death of a reigning president in the region within less than a year.

“I have, with great sadness, learnt of the death of His Excellency John Pombe Magufuli. We join Tanzania in mourning the passing of a great son of Africa” Mr Museveni tweeted Thursday morning.

Mr Museveni eulogized Magufuli as a “pragmatic leader who believed in and worked for the economic empowerment of East Africans.”

Bobi Wine, the Ugandan opposition leader has also expressed his sadness through this Tweet:

According to authorities, President Magufuli, 61, died late Wednesday from a heart complication called chronic atrial fibrillation.

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His demise comes nearly a year after then Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza died last year on June 8. 

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