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Muhammadu Buhari urges Nigerians to be vaccinated

After being immunized against the coronavirus pandemic on Saturday, Muhammadu Buhari the Nigerian president urged all “eligible Nigerian” to be vaccinated against the virus as soon as possible.

At a media event in Abuja, Buhari himself was earlier vaccinated using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India and provided through the global COVAX initiative.

“Today, as a demonstration of leadership and faith in the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, I have received my first jab and I wish to commend it to all eligible Nigerians, to do the same so that we can be protected from the virus. I urge all state governments, traditional and religious leaders, to take the lead in the mobilization effort within their environment and spheres of influence. “

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The vaccine offers hope for a safe country, free of coronavirus. I similarly urge all eligible Nigerians to present themselves and be vaccinated in accordance with the order of priority already mapped out, at the various authorized designated centres only”, he added.

After receiving the jab, he displays the vaccination certificate:

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