Senegal begins vaccination campaign against covid-19

Authorities in Senegal announced fighting misinformation over covid-19 vaccines and launched a vaccinaton campaign this Tuesday.

In order to serve as an example and reassure the public on the safety of the vaccines, Senegal’s Health Minister Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr was first in line to be vaccinated.

The country in fact chooses the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and has purchased 200,000 doses from the laboratory.

Frontline health workers and vulnerable groups will be prioritised in the vaccination across different parts of the country.

According to health experts, the challenge of identifying people with underlying health conditions must be tackled quickly especially since medical records are not necessarily digitised. To overcome this difficulty, the government has launched an online registration form with priority criteria to be assessed for any person registered before vaccination.

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The mass vaccination campaign will start in the coming weeks and the country will receive a second batch of more than six millions doses.

The country so far has recorded 33,099 total cases including 27,428 recovered and 814 deaths.

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