Ukraine opens embassies in DR Congo and Ivory Coast

Ukraine opens embassies in DR Congo and Ivory Coast

Ukrainian authorities have opened the country’s embassies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast.

The aim of this inauguration is to increase Ukraine’s presence on the African continent, as Ukraine has long sought support from African countries in its conflict with Russia.

“A brilliant new chapter has been added to the history of Ukrainian-African and Ukrainian-Ivorian relations,” Maksym Subkh, Ukraine’s special envoy for Africa and the Middle East said.

Mr Subkh also expressed appreciation for Ivory Coast’s “support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including voting in favour of key UN resolutions on the large-scale Russian invasion”.

In March, the DR Congo opened a consulate office in Kyiv’s Uzhhorod region, covering the territories of Zakarpattia, Lviv, and Rivne areas.

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