Zimbabwe: gold mine collapse leaves 9 dead

Zimbabwe: gold mine collapse leaves 9 dead

At least nine miners were killed when a gold mine collapsed near Chegutu, some 120 km west of Harare, Zimbabwe, according to reports.

“Four bodies have been recovered so far” and five other miners are still trapped under the rubble, reports said.

“Rescue workers found the inert bodies of five other miners,” according to a mining engineer, Hussein Phiri.

“We can clearly see the (5) bodies,” he said.

“We are convinced that they are all dead,” he added.

“It’s very difficult to recover the bodies because the mine is still collapsing. Every time we try, we also put our lives at risk,” he explained.

The Southern African country’s Minister of Mines, Soda Zhemu, who came to assist the rescue efforts, confirmed that 21 miners had escaped the disaster.

Accidents are frequent in Zimbabwe.

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