Chinese parliament unanimously re-elect president Xi Jinping

Chinese parliament unanimously re-elect president Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping secured a historic third term as Chinese president on Friday after a formal vote in parliament, the culmination of a rise that has seen him become the country’s most powerful leader for generations.

The result of the deputies’ vote, announced shortly before 11 a.m., is final: 2,952 votes for, zero against, zero abstentions.

Since the parliament in China is, in practice, subservient to the ruling Communist Party (CCP), the outcome of the poll was in no doubt.

The 69-year-old leader had already obtained in October a five-year extension at the top of the CCP and the military commission, the two most important positions of power. Only candidate, he was reappointed for the same period as Head of State.

The last few months have however been complicated for Xi Jinping, with major demonstrations at the end of November against his “zero Covid” policy and a large wave of deaths which followed the abandonment of this health strategy in December.

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