Parents jailed for negligent death of obese daughter

Parents jailed for negligent death of obese daughter

The parents of an obese British teenager who died aged 16 at the family home in particularly squalid conditions were sentenced on Wednesday to more than six years in prison for manslaughter by gross negligence.

Kaylea Titford, 16, was found in conditions described in court as “unbecoming of any animal”, in soiled clothes and sheets, after her death at the family home in Newton, Wales in October 2020.

The teenager then weighed 146 kilos.

Kaylea, who was in a wheelchair, died of inflammation and infection from an ulcer resulting from her obesity and immobility.

Her mother, 40, was sentenced to 6 years in prison and her father, 45, received a 7-year sentence and half term of imprisonment.

Kaylea’s mother, having pleaded guilty, did not have a trial, unlike her father, who denied the facts. In court, he explained that he had not taken care of his daughter because he was “lazy”.

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