23-year-old man stabbed to death with a screwdriver

Kenya: a woman bites the manhood of her father-in-law

A 78-year-old Kenyan man’s private part was allegedly bitten off by his daughter-in-law as he attempted to resolve a physical fight between her and a lady.

“He was called by his grandson while eating to separate a fight between her daughter in-law and a lady,” he told Citizen TV kenya.

“He was hit with a stone as he fell, the lady sat on him and bit his chest, while trying to push her away, it turned futile as she moved back and bit his manhood,” he added.

Residents who arrived at the scene took the old man to the hospital for treatment.

“His wife is prone to violence and has often threatened to kill him and his daughter,” her husband stated.

Police are in hot pursuit of the suspect who has since gone into hiding.

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