Young boy arrested for raping sister in-law and other ladies

Young boy arrested for raping sister in-law and other ladies

Police command in Nigeria announced the arrest of a 16-year-old boy, for raping his brother’s wife as well as nine other women on different occasions.

In an interview with newsmen, he admitted to committing the crime and then confessed to have raped nine other girls at a farm settlement in a local government area.

He confessed that his brother had traveled outside town that was how he took advantage his brother’s wife while she was sleeping.

“In Laosun, I have raped nine girls aged 19 or 25 years, in the night, I will go into their rooms and start sleeping with them. I do not use gun or knives to threaten them. Sometimes I would be caught and they would beat me and leave me. I have been arrested before. I was arrested for stealing 25 litres of palm oil. I wanted to gather money to use it to buy phone. I came to the house and saw my brother’s wife sleeping naked. I went into the room and slept with her,” he said.

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The police commander revealed the suspect would soon be charged to court.

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