Aliyu Na Idris

Nigeria: police arrest a man who put himself up for sale

The Islamic police in Kano state known as Hisbah have arrested 26-year-old Aliyu Na Idris who was trending on social media last weekend for putting himself up for sale due to “poverty”.

Hisbah Commander Harun Ibn Sina confirmed the arrest, adding that Aliyu Na Idris’ actions were forbidden.

“Yes we arrested him on Tuesday and he spent the night with us, what he did is forbidden in Islam, you can’t try to sell yourself no matter your condition or situation.”

The arrested tailor, who had been speaking to local journalists before his arrest, said he was in a huge financial mess, hence his decision to put a 20 million naira ($49,000; £35,000) price tag on his person promising to wholeheartedly serve his buyer.

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“The decision to sell myself was due to poverty, I plan to give my parents 10 million naira ($24,000; £18,000) when I eventually get a buyer, pay five million naira ($12,000; £9,000) as tax to the government, give two million naira ($5,000; £4,000) to anyone who helped me get a buyer and keep the remaining for daily upkeep,” Aliyu told journalists in Kano before his arrest.

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