Mayor of Moscow orders confinement of Muscovites over 60

COVID-19: Mayor of Moscow orders confinement of Muscovites over 60

The mayor of Moscow has decided that unvaccinated residents over the age of 60 stay at home from this Monday and for the next 120 days as the country is hit hard by a new wave of Covid-19 – Sunday.

The mayor of the Russian capital has decreed the re-confinement of its citizens over 60 years old as well as chronically ill people. And this for four months. The measure comes into force on Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to the population last Wednesday, urged Russians to get vaccinated against the covid-19 pandemic in order to protect themselves and others.

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“We only have two options in this period: get sick or get vaccinated. But why wait until you are sick and suffer dire consequences? Please be responsible. Take the necessary steps to protect your health and that of your loved ones “, he said.

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