Emmanuel Tolue

Liberia: president Weah honoured the young moto rider who returned $50,000

The Liberian President George Weah has honoured Emmanuel Tolue, a young taxi rider who found and returned $50,000 to a businesswoman who had lost the cash in the north-eastern Nimba region.

President Weah met Emmanuel Tolue at a ceremony in the capital, Monrovia, on Monday and offered him cash and an educational scholarship.

Emmanuel Tolue found the money wrapped in a plastic bag and returned it after the owner, Musu Yancy, appealed on public radio for anyone finding the money to return it.

Ms Yancy appreciated the young man’s honesty with cash and goods valued at about $1,500.

The president hailed Mr Tuloe’s “exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship” as an inspiration for the youth.

Mr Weah gave him $10,000 as well as two new motorcycles. He also promised to award the young man with one of Liberia’s highest honours the order of distinction for his honesty.

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