Abiy Ahmed

“Ethiopia needs to stop receiving food aids to avoid pressure”, PM Abiy

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has linked food aid from abroad with diplomatic pressure on the country, in a statement reported by state-owned Ethiopia Television (ETV).

He said Ethiopia needs to stop receiving the assistance to avoid that pressure, ETV reported.

“If we make sure that this thing called wheat [food aid] does not enter Ethiopia, 70% of Ethiopia’s problems will be solved.”

“Ethiopia’s problem is wheat aid. With wheat aid comes diseases. With wheat aid come many things, many consequences. If we stop it, many of the problems will be solved,” Mr Abiy said.

The prime minister was speaking during a visit to a wheat farm in Oromia region.

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Ethiopia, which is among major aid recipient countries, is facing increasing pressure from some Western governments over the conflict in its northern Tigray region, where millions are at risk of starvation, BBC News reports.

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