Zimbabwean unvaccinated civil servants barred from work

Zimbabwe: unvaccinated civil servants barred from work

Government in Zimbabwe, in a circular, announced that it will bar unvaccinated civil workers from reporting for duty from Monday as part of efforts to fight COVID-19.

The Zimbabwean government on Thursday said civilian workers should be fully immunized before returning to work on Monday.

“Please note that members who fail to produce the vaccination certificates shall not be allowed to report for duty, in an endeavour to implement (the) government’s thrust of minimising the spread and effect of the novel COVID-19 pandemic,” the circular said.

On September 14, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s cabinet ordered all government workers to get vaccinated, giving them a month to comply. Those barred from work will not get paid, according to the cabinet directive, Reuters reports.

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The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, the country’s main labour body, has gone to court to challenge the government’s compulsory vaccination drive, which has also been adopted by some private businesses.

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