Emmanuel Macron says no to Tunisian-born baker’s bread

Against all odds, the winner of Paris’ prestigious best baguette award will not be supplying the French president with any bread, has announced the president’s cabinet.

Makram Akrout, Tunisian-born and winner of the award, has been at the centre of a controversy since he won the award last month, after far-right news websites mounted accusations against him for allegedly expressing anti-French sentiment.

Mr Akrout has denied all these allegations.

The winners of the award have in the past provided bread to the French presidency for a year.

But the president’s office known as the Elysée said in a statement: “It was not arranged for. The Elysée has not contacted this person.”

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“It is not automatic that the winner of Paris’ best baguette would supply the Elysée with bread”, it added.

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