Mozambique: joy among Christians after the reopening of churches

Christians in Mozambique have expressed their joy as they resumed in-person worship on Sunday after Covid-19 measures were relaxed by the president.

Worshippers said it was a relief to be able to attend church especially as the country faces attacks in the northern region.

“At home, we pray through our phones, watch TV or read our pastors’ preaching, in fellowship with our family, but it’s not the same thing as being in church. Being in the house of the Lord and together with the brothers to praise God is different,” Carolina Manhiça said to the BBC.

Parish priest Georgio Ferretti also expressed his joy.

“We are very happy to be able to resume the service … now we are back and with all the preventive measures,” he said.

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The churches were closed in July during the peak of the third coronavirus wave.

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