Sudan: army officers of the former regime accused of plotting the coup

The National Ummah Party, the largest party in the ruling coalition in Sudan, has condemned the attempted coup in the country and accused army officers of the old regime to be behind the tentative.

In a statement, the Party declared: “In the wake of these miserable attempts to derail our great revolution, this morning a number of officers from the old regime’s armed forces launched an attempted coup missed for a possible return to the era of the old regime. “

Earlier on Tuesday, Sudanese state television announced an attempted coup, calling on the population to “confront it”.

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Later, a member of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed al-Faki Suleiman rassured that “the situation is currently under control “, before adding that “the army is negotiating with the military units which participated in the coup, for a surrender without resistance in order to avoid the use of force ”.

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