Uganda to receive 647,000 doses of Moderna Covid doses on Monday

Government in Uganda will receive up to 647,000 doses of the American-made Moderna Covid-19 vaccines on Monday. It has been confirmed by the government chief adviser on vaccine access, Prof David Sserwadda.

The vaccine doses that have been donated by the US government are expected to arrive at 6pm. 

“Logistics for Moderna is much more challenging than AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson in terms of temperature needs, Daily Monitor quoted Prof Sserwadda as saying.

According to the US Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention, the vaccine is “stored in a freezer between -50°C and -15°C”.

AstraZeneca is stored at the usual temperature of the refrigerator which is +2°C to 8°C, according to the World Health Organisation.

Mr Moses Kamabare, the general manager of National Medical Stores, said there was no need for alarm because they have capacity to store the vaccines.

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“We are already storing Ebola vaccines at -80 degrees centigrade,” he said.

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