Does vaccination increase the risk of developing Covid ?

In a video posted a week ago, Didier Raoult declared that people who have just been vaccinated are more at risk of developing Covid-19 than those who have not been, without however saying whether it were people vaccinated at one or two doses.

This is a new statement, to say the least disconcerting, made by the famous Marseille professor, which was very quickly taken up by the anti-vaccine sphere.

“We now have a significant number of people, we have 46 patients who had a Covid in the week following the injection (…) It is very striking”, he said about of his experience at the Marseille University Hospital Institute.

“Were they asymptomatic carriers in whom the vaccination triggered a reaction that made them become symptomatic?” It’s a real question. ”

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Didier Raoult is a French physician and microbiologist specialising in infectious diseases. He gained significant worldwide attention during the COVID-19 pandemic for promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the disease, despite evidence against its use for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients.

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