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Uganda: while hiding from soldiers, fisherman drowns in Lake Albert

A fisherman died while another survived Wednesday in the Ugandan district of Buliisa after failing to swim on Lake Albert. They feared they would be stopped by soldiers and feared their equipment would be burnt.

They reportedly had gone to hide their fishing boats in fear of arrests and their gear being burnt by the Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) forces.

The accident survivor, Mr Kahwa Yolamu explains that his colleague drowned after he failed to swim, from a hide-out, about 20metres to the shore, following a Wednesday morning FPU crackdown on fishermen using illegal fishing gear on Lake Albert.

“I had discouraged him from swimming but we later changed the plan. When we were about to reach the landing site, we lost control and we had no help. I clung to a tree branch which I held but I was unable to save him,” he said.

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At the beginning of this month, the FPU started operations aimed at taming illegal fishing on the water body.  

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