COVID-19: Tunisia now records more than 20,000 deaths

The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim victims in Tunisia. Authorities say they have exceeded 20,000 deaths this weekend. But indicators give hope for an improvement in the situation.

With more than 100 deaths recorded every day, Tunisia has one of the highest death rates in Africa.

However, this Monday, August 2, the World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that the epidemiological data are going in the right direction. The positivity rate, which was 35% ten days ago, has risen to 25%.

“The country may have passed its peak”, said the WHO director in Tunisia.

To help the authorities deal with the pandemic, the international community is at the bedside of the country. Aid deliveries are made almost daily: various medical equipment as well as vaccines.

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In ten days, seven million doses were delivered in the country.

The country has so far recorded 596,000 cases including 517,000 recovered and 20 067 deaths.

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