Putin and Joe Biden

Joe Biden accuses Russia of wanting to disrupt the 2022 legislative elections

Joe Biden, the American president criticized this Tuesday, Russia for seeking to disrupt the American parliamentary elections scheduled for 2022 by spreading “disinformation”. This statement comes on the eve of the meeting this Wednesday between the number two in Russian and American diplomacy.

Referring to informations he received about the 2022 parliamentary elections, Joe Biden did not mince words. It was during a visit to the Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence, near Washington.

“Look at what Russia is already doing with the 2022 elections and the disinformation. It is an outright violation of our sovereignty!”.

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The American president also attacked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine: the Russian president “has a real problem, he is at the head of an economy which has nuclear weapons and oil wells and nothing else. This makes him even more dangerous in my opinion“.

Let’s remind that Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met at the Geneva summit on June 16.

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