Maria Mobil: disfigured, the Togolese Bimbo must make a sacrifice

After her apparition on social networks, with a swollen face, the Togolese Bimbo with pretty contours has just shared with her fans a bad news that doctors announced to her. Maria Mobil is in fact obliged to remove her piercing from her face. An act that she must accomplish to certainly allow the acceleration of her healing.

“Back from emergency room, I’m sad. I’m better but i have to remove my piercing that I have had on my face for 8 years”, has she written Sunday on her Instagram account.

Indeed for several internet users who compassionate to the pain of the social networks star, this piercing is part of the elements that make her beautiful.

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It’s therefore with a lot of bitterness that Maria Mobil will do without her piercing, but it is necessary if she wants to put her face in excellent condition.

Moreover, others suspect the piercing to be at the basis of the pitful state of the face of the one who is nicknamed Jolie Amina.

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