Pope Francis and Benedict XVI are vaccinated against covid-19

The information was reported by La croix. As reported by the media, Pope Francis aged 84 and his predecessor Benedict XVI (93 years) have both received the first doses of the vaccine against the covid-19 virus. According to two journalists closer to the Sovereign Pontiff, the vaccination session took place this January 13, at the entrance of the courtroom Paul VI of Vatican.

In a Television interview, broadcast Sunday evening , Pope Francis said he “made an appointment to do it”, while he qualifies of “suicidal negationism”, the opposition to this vaccine and highlighting an “ethical choice” essential to protect the lives of others.

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His vaccination will be a relief for the entourage of the Pope little enclined to wear a mask and to stay away from the faithful and visitors. the Leader of 1,3 milliards Catholics is considered as a risk person.

Since personal doctor for five years, Fabrizio Soccorsi, is dead at 78 as a result of “complication due to covid-19 while he was hospitalized for a cancerous pathology”.

Several Prelates of the entourage of the Pope contracted the virus lately.

These last months, informs Le Point, Benedict XVI appeared more and more fragile, moving in wheelchair and speaking with difficulty.

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