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Donald Trump condemns the violence on Capitol Hill

His reaction was strongly awaited, after the unfortunate events that occurred on Wednesday at the Capitol. In a video posted on Twitter Thursday, January 7, Donald Trump was much tougher on troublemakers. In his speech, the US president also called for a ‘smooth’ transition on January 20 with the new President Joe Biden.

The Amercican president says he is “scandalized by the violence, anarchy and mess” perpetrated by his supporters.

Let’s note that in the clashes, four people died, including a woman who was shot inside the Capitol itself.

“To those who have committed acts of violence or destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay,” warns the President of the United States.

The defeated candidate wants to be more unifying in his speech.

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“Congress certified the results (of the presidential election). New administration to be sworn in on January 20”, he explains.

“I will now focus on an orderly transition of power without a hitch”, continues Donald Trump, according to whom ”  the time is for appeasement and reconciliation”.

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