Christ Tamaya: I want to be the third wife of Laurent Gbagbo

” I am single. I want to be the third wife of the next president of the Republic of Ivory Coast, Mr. Laurent Koudou Gbagbo. I am in love with him ”. These words are those of Christ Tamaya (photo below), a lady who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

After Simone Ehivet and Nady Bamba, the latter therefore wants to be the third woman to enter the life of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.

The latter admits that she is in love with native of Gagnoa and is ready to become his third wife.

For supporters of the ex-president, it is out of the question that Christ Tamaya comes to poison their leader.

For them, there is no place for a third wife and even less for her.

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Let’s note that Christ Tamaya is not very loved in Ivory Coast because of what she claims to be.

Worse, she allows herself to criticize other “men of God” such as Reverend Makosso and Gedeon.

CÔTE-D'IVOIRE/RELIGION : « Je suis la réincarnation de Jésus-Christ, il a  pris possession de mon corps et y vit » dixit la prophétesse Christ-Tamaya  - Daabaaru | Daabaaru

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