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Benin: the strong gesture of Patrice Talon that shakes the web

The President of the Beninese Republic has ordered December 31, 2020, the New Year’s Eve, the payment of the costs of all patients healed and blocked in hospitals. The idea is, that after healing, patients in lack of means find their homes.

Kept in hospital corridors because of non-payment of costs related to their cares, patients no longer have to worry.

The father of the Benin Nation, President Patrice Talon comes to the aid of his people.

According to informations, Patrice Talon has received the point of health expenses pending payment in all hospitals and public health centers of the country by healed patients but who lack means.

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It is after that, that he ordered in the name of the government, the full regulation by the Ministry of Finance for such costs so that the person concerned return to celebrate the New Year with their families.

In addition, provisions have been taken for this purpose, in order to free all the persons concerned.

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