Mozambique: police seize $ 16,000, all counterfeit bills

counterfeit bills

Mozambican police seized about $ 16,000 in counterfeit banknotes which investigators say were fabricated by a regional union specializing in printing counterfeit currency. Police said they had arrested two Angolans, and arrest warrants for other suspects would be issued. “Mozambican, Angolan and South African nationals were suspected to be part …

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South African Airlines to restart operations next month


South African Airlines has announced that it will resume operations next month after battling losses for months amid the coronavirus pandemic. The airline reduced its workforce from 4,700 to around 1,000 employees, essentially becoming a smaller airline. The reduction was achieved through voluntary severance packages and retrenchments. Flights will now …

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Zanzibar : authorities announce building of a skyscraper for $1.3bn


Authorities in Zanzibar have announced their plan to build sub-Saharan Africa’s tallest skyscraper that will cost $1.3bn. The 70-storey Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower will exceed the semi-autonomous archipelago’s annual budget by more than 60%, AFP news agency reports. It will involve a man-made island with a marina for yachts and …

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