A tribe bathes in cow urine to fight infection

A tribe bathes in cow urine to fight infection

To fight infection, the mundari tribe in Africa bathe in cow urine which they consider a natural antisptic to maintain their cleanliness.

The men spray themselves with streams of cow urine and it gives their hair an orange tint.

Meanwhile, the excrement is piled up for burning. The shepherds then spread the peach-colored ash on their skin. This serves as an antiseptic and protects them from the scorching heat.

“These animals are treated like members of the family. When the cattle come back from grazing, they know exactly where their masters are and where their home is they’re like dogs that way.”

“Families will sleep with their animals, wash them in ash and make sure the ground is soft and clean for them,” reports one photographer.

“Almost every man I met wanted me to take a photo of them with their favorite cow.” “Their wives and children, on the other hand, were neglected” said the photographer.

According to report, since the end of the civil war, thousands of men have returned to South Sudan to find wives. This has led to an increase in the price of the dowry, making their livestock even more valuable and leading to an increase in deadly cattle raids.

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