Indonesia: a woman humiliated in front of an audience

Indonesia: a woman humiliated in front of an audience

A woman convicted of adultery has been savagely punished under local Islamic law in Indonesia, according to reports.

Two policewomen took possession of the weeping victim, each holding her by an arm, as she was dragged onto a platform.

On this occasion, in front of a multitude of people capturing videos with their phones, a masked officer, called “algojo” (executioner in French), delivered baton blows to the woman’s body.

On one occasion, she raised her hand to pause as the pain became too intense, and another woman offered her a glass of water before the brutal blows continued.

Under the strict laws of Banda Aceh, the victims received between 25 and 45 lashes for their various crimes.

Flogging is a widespread punishment in this very conservative region of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

As a reminder, Aceh is the only province in the world’s most populous country with a Muslim majority that applies Sharia law.

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