Police officer killed for shooting magistrate

Police officer killed for shooting magistrate

A police officer shot a magistrate, hitting her in the chest and hip, after she refused to release his wife on bail in Nairobi, Kenya, according to reports.

The policeman, whose wife had pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining 2.9 million Kenyan shillings (around $22,700), entered the court through the entrance reserved for magistrates.

Three other police officers were also wounded in the incident. The authorities reacted quickly, and the policeman was shot dead in a shootout with other members of the police force.

The magistrate and the three injured police officers were immediately treated and taken to hospital. Their condition is stable and they are currently receiving appropriate medical treatment.

The rapid intervention of the security forces limited the number of casualties and brought the situation under control.

Chief Justice Martha Koome commented on the incident. She confirmed that the police officer had clearly intended to kill the Magistrate.

In response to the attack, she ordered a significant increase in security measures in all the country’s courts to protect judicial staff and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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