Israeli far-right ministers threaten to leave government

Israeli far-right ministers threaten to leave government

Two ministers, belonging to the Israeli far right, threaten to leave Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition if the latter accepts the ceasefire agreement proposed by the United States.

Friday, May 31, American President Joe Biden presented a new “comprehensive” agreement in Gaza in the eighth month of the war in the Gaza Strip. This plan, supported by Qatar and Egypt, provides for an Israeli withdrawal from densely populated areas of Gaza for a period of six weeks and the release of Palestinians detained by Israel.

This is in return for the release of hostages kidnapped during the October 7 attacks and held in Gaza, especially women and the sick.

This announcement is far from unanimous within the government in place, made up of a coalition of several far-right parties including Likud, the Religious Party and United Torah Judaism.

Two ministers, Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, from these ranks even put their resignation at stake in the event that Benjamin Netanyahu accepted this ceasefire on these conditions.

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