Three European countries recognize the State of Palestine

Three European countries recognize the State of Palestine

Three European countries, including Spain, Norway and Ireland, have lent their support to Palestine, having officially recognized it as a state.

This decision is highly symbolic and marks a historic turning point in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Along with Spain, Ireland and Norway, the State of Palestine is now recognized by 145 states around the world, according to a count by the Palestinian Authority, or nearly 75% of the 193 UN member states.

On Sunday, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, justified his government’s decision by explaining that it was about doing “justice” to the Palestinian people, but also “the best guarantee of security for Israel”. And the minister added: “The Palestinians have the right to have a state, just as the Israelis have this right.»

Several Israelis condemned the decision and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the decision “a reward for terrorism.”

In response, the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Monday ordered the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem to cease its services to Palestinians from June 1.

The news was of course welcomed by the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Mustafa, calling on “all European countries to follow this example”.

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