Flood death toll rises to 267 in Kenya

Flood death toll rises to 267 in Kenya

The death toll from flooding caused by torrential rains that have persisted for almost three weeks in Kenya has risen to 267.

“The death toll from the floods had risen to 267, while 188 others were injured,” Home Affairs Minister Kithor Kindiki

The Kenyan minister also pointed out that 75 people were still missing.

389,000 people have been affected by the floods caused by the torrential rains that have swept across parts of Kenya, while 56,000 families have been forced to leave their homes.

The floods also submerged 900 hectares of farmland and killed 4,000 head of livestock.

Flooding caused by heavy rains and overflowing rivers inundated homes, destroyed infrastructure and disrupted basic facilities.

The Kenyan government has mobilized resources, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations and local authorities, to provide emergency aid to those affected.

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