Health workers in police net over missing placenta

3 missing JHS girls found in bed with their boyfriends

Police arrested three men who camped out with three teenage girls for weeks while the suspects engaged in an orgy with them at Bossman, a suburb of Obuasi, Ghana.

“The students were reported missing on April 24, 2024,” according to reports.

On May 8, 2024, the mother of one of the girls informed the Police that she had been hinted that her daughter and two other girls were living with some men in a room at Bossman, a suburb of Obuasi.

“When the Police got to the room, the suspects together with the girls were naked on a bed,” reports stated.

One of the girls, however, managed to escape.

Upon interrogation, the suspects claim the teenagers are their girlfriends, and they have been staying together for the past two weeks.

The girls have been issued medical report forms for treatment pending investigations.

Meanwhile, the suspects will be arranged before the court.

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