Nun captured on CCTV dumping suitcase with dead friend's bones

Nun captured on CCTV dumping suitcase with dead friend’s bones

An 80-year-old nun left a suitcase on a Santiago street containing the remains of a friend who had died a year earlier, according to a police investigation.

The nun was later identified from video footage of her, wearing a habit, at the scene.

According to her,” she and her friend, a fellow nun who died at age 58, had entered into a pact to stay together even after death took one of them.”

“There was a pact. The person died a year ago and the other has kept her in a suitcase ever since due to the affection she had for her friend,” police official Juan Fonseca reported.

The young nun had died of illness, and the police do not suspect foul play.

A recycler had picked up the suitcase but put it back after smelling a bad odour.

The nun has not been arrested but risks a sanction under public health regulations for not notifying authorities of her friend’s death so she could be buried or cremated.

The women did not belong to a formal religious order but had taken private vows.

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