The meaning of red, white and roses for Valentine's Day

The meaning of red, white and roses for Valentine’s Day

Red and white are the colors of the streets and in the stores, flowers, mainly red roses, abound on every February 14th every year.

So what is the significance of these elements?

The two colors associated with Valentine’s Day go back to the very origins of the holiday. Red refers to passion and sacrifice, while white indicates purity and self-giving.

The color red, in addition to alluding to the heart and blood that are essential to life, is directly linked to love. Red also connotes seduction and attraction, not to mention desire and charm.

What could be more natural than to think of flowers to mark this celebration of love?

Just as flowers wither if not cared for, love is a feeling that needs to be rekindled by small attentions and gestures of tenderness.

So the rose has become the star of the show.

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